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Swimming pool and Sauna


We invite You to have a great time no matter how old You are!

The swimming pool is stainless and secured against slipping, with dimensions of 5m x 10m.
Main pool depth 120cm, baby pool depth 65cm.
Water temperature 30°C - 32°C

Entry Rates
Swimming Pool Pass with disccount for 6 -16 years old (5 entries) 60min.* 45zł
Swimming Pool Pass (5 entries )60min.* 60zł
Swimming Pool one entry with discount for 6-16 years old 60min. 11zł
Swimming Pool one entry 60min. 14zł
Children under 5 bezpłatnie
Swimming Pool + Sauna one entry (5 p.m till 9 p.m) with discount for 6-16 years old 60min. 18zł
Swimming Pool + Sauna one entry (5 p.m till 9 p.m) 60min. 20zł
EXCLUSIVELY Swimming Pool + Sauna 60min. 200zł
Family weekend pass (Saturdays & Sundays) minimum 4 people 60min. 11zł/os.

*for changing clothes free of charge. One hour free of charge for a new Guest (we’ll kindly ask You to show your ID). If You recommend us to other 5 new Guests you will receive unlimited swimming pool pass as a gift. Swimming pool and sauna entry only with flip -flops. Every 15min. over time – 3zł charge.
Kids and teens under 16 are allowed to enter under adults supervision or with written permission only.
30min. sauna ( + for changing clothes free of charge) for 14zł for 1 person and 20zł for 2 persons.


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